Your Industry

Healthcare, where to start, well let’s get down to the bare bones of what you do, life, in one word. The healthcare industry from performing life-saving surgical procedures, to stopping a septic tooth leading to life-threatening blood poisoning, a realm of almost unending specialists, but the reason we/you all push forward helping people relieve pain, live longer and preserve, it’s not all about the money! If it was the time and dedication you all put into getting to where you are has been wasted! A good solicitor with the same dedication puts in around the same years of study, takes 4-6 week holidays and drinks 11 cups of $5 coffee! you are here because you want to make a difference, you are here because when all is said and done, an honest, heart-breaking, sweat dribbling career in healthcare will all be worth it in the long run, not just for you! but for humans.
We are here because of you, we are here likewise to make a difference, yes we have bills to pay, but we also have a common goal, Life…………..

It could almost be the start of another bad movie “But it wasn’t”

In 2010, Jeremy Forester and his ideas of going it alone, adding value to what he felt was an art, a skill set maybe, he just felt better about what was really needed in the global mash we call “Managed IT” with a small number of clients under his belt he set about creating focus, grabbing almost every chance of a customer, at really any cost to his ultimate goal.


In 2015, He landed his first Healthcare business, we could follow this with “and there it all blossomed” but we won’t, after a year of falling in and out of love with the IT aspects of healthcare, he could see this was not the beast he had trained in, not the everyday IT failures he had almost become numb to repairing, the healthcare industry was something else, something completely different, something even he will admit, he wasn’t prepared for! After several restructures which included recruiting open-minded IT professionals, open-minded professionals who were prepared to keep their core knowledge of IT, but to almost shelve the way they approached the “Day-to-Day” life of a technician, and to join his journey of becoming one of Australia’s first-ever sole healthcare IT Company.

The Problem Child

Healthcare had almost created its own problem, with independent processes, unknown software even staff management tools created by medical professionals to almost eliminate their day-to-day IT issues, the Healthcare IT arena became more and more of a zoo, every GP, every dentist and every specialist hospital and aged care facility had their idea of what was the gold standard when it came to healthcare and the IT that is the bloodline of keeping it afloat.
So back to “The Problem” IT4GP, IT4Dental and IT4Specialist almost had to be the service that could not only fix Medicare billing issues, fix the issue of faxes still killing trees, high tech dentistry scanning failures, but also know how to land a 747 at Melbourne airport, but hey we did it! “We feel that way”

The Solution

Creating a support infrastructure for the healthcare arena certainly came at a cost, mainly to the technical team sanity! IT Delivery and all its healthcare brands went on a journey, a journey to the known “But strangely unknown” training staff in healthcare platforms, processes and equipment only a veteran GP or Dentist should know, we went about offering a solution that was almost as focused as the Hubble Telescope, moulding our team our knowledge base, procedures and business model solely around the healthcare industry, with a few mountains and a couple of landslides, we did it! With now a sizable office, field and online team we became the IT4 Group.
Now “we are considered” to be the best of breed in every aspect of healthcare IT.
 I won’t start any line with “I love my job”

I would start it with “I live” my job, if not for the 7am calls to say a clinics NBN is down and they cant access patient files, to “I’ve written my new password on my hand” but since washed, I can’t say I have ever had a marginally similar day, its what keeps me here.

I am part of the furniture in most clinics! “Heading up the team keeps me awake at night”

From the dawn of IT Delivery I have followed this whirlwind journey to now be sat managing a team of Medical healthcare IT experts, I have no favourites, they all annoy me at times!

It all kind of happened in a flash!

I had already dipped my toe in the healthcare IT pond with my previous IT company, now moving onto an ocean in the same field, I sometimes swimming with dolphins, I am also some days running from sharks.