Separate infrastructure and set-ups for each location or area can develop into a costly exercise that requires both time and increasing levels of IT skills to deal with complex IT Systems.

When your healthcare business operates out of multiple locations, your IT systems and processes can become complicated. IT Delivery has been managing these styles of environments for over a decade, with a number of multi-chain healthcare brands fully reliant on both our consultancy and support.
With the development in modern technology, it is now even easier to centralise every aspect of your network, you need infrastructure that enables your different locations to communicate seamlessly to your main system or database.
Our team at IT Delivery can help you identify the best IT solution for your multi-site business or practice. Our trained technical consultants are available to help you understand your existing system and identify how you can improve this through the advances of modern technology, delivering cost savings and gaining efficiency for your healthcare business.


We successfully moved clinical technology and communications during their relocation without any downtime being suffered. The process began with detailed planning – outlining the project with milestones. The next stage was for us to liaise with all third parties involved, i.e. suppliers of security, telecoms, and printers, plus the building contractors – we made sure they were all informed of the details and notified of the key dates in the move so they were prepared in advance, allowing operations to switch smoothly to the new office. We upgraded their server hardware and software, ready for the physical move. Once all technology was in place, we conducted a thorough test to ensure everything was running at optimum performance from day one.  

Mission Accomplished

Previously operating from three separate sites, this healthcare brand  now enjoys the benefits of having all operations under one roof in their brand new office location in Metro Victoria.

  • The main challenge was to move all technology infrastructure from three sites to one with no downtime being incurred during working hours.

  • In addition, this clinic brand had an aging kit that needed to be refreshed – their server, operating system and desktop were over five years old and were not performing at optimum level.

  • Hardware including switches and wireless were also dated, which resulted in often reduced network speeds and impaired wireless coverage, which in turn impacted productivity and efficiency.

  • Security is paramount, and coupled with their need for high availability data, they required a more advanced and secure backup strategy putting in place to ensure full operation in the case of a disaster.

  • Relocating a business can be stressful and often moving IT can be the most stressful part of it, which is why it was important for this Melbourne based healthcare brand to find a partner they could trust, IT Delivery and IT4GP stood in and delivered a clear uninterrupted result.

How we made it all come together

Successfully Moved

Full operations and ICT have been successfully moved to their new site without any downtime being incurred. Thanks to a technology refresh with updated systems and infrastructure now in place they are enjoying the benefits of increased speed and more consistent communication – resulting in improved productivity and efficiency.

Upgraded Security

In addition, we have upgraded their security and implemented a more advanced disaster recovery plan so they can rest assured in the event of a disaster they will have highly available data, instant recovery from any issue, increased business agility and continuity.

Leave it to the professionals

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