Our Experienced Developers Will Backup & Recover Your Clinical Data Fast

We will provide physical, cloud-to-cloud, and virtual data centre backup and recovery services to manage the health of backup servers in any healthcare environment.

Data Backup & Recovery Services That Work

IT Delivery offers fast, easy, and reliable data backup and recovery services for a wide variety of Healthcare infrastructures, ensuring robust, scalable, and vigorously maintained data safeguards.

Data Protection

We develop innovative multi-cloud data protection solutions to protect your data on a wide set & diverse workload ecosystem, with solid hardware keeping your data safe.

Datto Delivers

With a seamless partnership between us and Datto and us, your data is held secure and within Australia.

Our Partnership For Your Security
With an established and solid partnership with one of the world’s best in Data protection and Restoration IT Delivery and all of our healthcare IT brands we can ensure every aspect of you and your clinical data systems is placed into safe recoverable hands.

With a broad range of services to fit every aspect of your day to day operations, you can rest assured.

IT Delivery & Datto have you covered…………………

Protect and quickly restore servers with reliable, image-based, all-in-one business continuity and disaster recovery, Continuous, Reliable Data Protection

SIRIS gives your practice peace of mind that your client data is safe and normal business operations can be restored in minutes.

Cloud Continuity For Clinic /  Practice PCs
Protect and quickly restore clnic / practice PCs with reliable, image-based, all-in-one cloud backup and disaster recovery, get the team back to work and quickly!

ALTO – Powerful Business Continuity for Small Environments
Protect and quickly restore small business servers with reliable, image-based, all-in-one business continuity and disaster recovery, onsite and ready if the worst happens.

SaaS Protection – Keeping your Communication Software Safe
Cloud-to-cloud backup and fast recovery for critical data in Microsoft 365 and G Suite applications, from the critical to the day to day email restore.

Cloud & Hybrid Backup Services

We develop robust cloud-based backup solutions housed in proprietary off-site Australian data centres, colocation facilities, or a hybrid combination of servers, including our own data centre.

Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)

We implement Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and disaster recovery services that automate full, incremental, differential, mirror, and continuous backups for large patient databases.

Cybersecurity System Development

We use sustained vulnerability scans, SSL/AES encryptions, change detection, multithreaded transport, and data compression functionality testing to protect your systems, along with some of the world’s leading cyber security hard & software.

Data Backup & Recovery Integrations

We implement and configure leading enterprise backup & recovery systems from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Acronis, Macrium, Carbonite, CloudBerry, and more.

Traditional Vs Baas (BackUp as a service) 

Think of this as a like a spare tyre

A call we get more often than you’d think, a situation no clinic should be faced with, if you think of backups like you would a spare tyre. When was the last time you checked it? Simple human error, nothing more, and we’re all guilty; with BaaS “Backup As A Service” we take that away from busy healthcare staff and automate it.
Constantly not only backing up your data but also, but making sure if and when you need it, it’s ready to be restored, having you and your clinic back up in a lot of cases in minutes.


  • Is the spare checked daily?
  • Has the backup been completed
  • Is the backup ready to restore?
  • How long will the backup take?
  • “In short from years of experience a little like that road trip, when it all goes wrong how prepared are you to change the tyre? Will this require downtime whilst you get tools, new hardware? Is the spare flat?”
  • What if the backup is corrupt?


  • The backups completed, we have the report
  • Our reporting tell us the backup is ready
  • The backup can be restored now
  • Our reporting tests the backup and restores it all the time.
  • “We have looked in the boot, every day, it is pumped, all the tools are ready, and we even have roadside assistance sat waiting, our equipment has been training for the day this happens, we’re simply ready”

Questions recommended by industry-leading organisations such as RACGP, ADA, And we’re glad you asked!

IT Delivery, IT4GP, IT4Dental and IT4Specialist, have a combined 25 Years of experience in solely the healthcare industry, it’s simply all we do.
Every one of our technicians is fully trained in all aspects of our backup procedures, from in-house in our data centre, to Datto cloud backups down to local NAS backup.
We supply a fully functional Datto backup device. The device is owned and managed by us; therefore, we manage and maintain any warranties, keeping you focused on patient care.
All outline backups are agreed upon before our management arrangements, these are clear and understandable terms outlined in our service agreement, we want you to understand our commitments, it’s important we are on the same page.
As a business and as a data centre we have public liability up to $25m, you and your data will be fully insured.
We have a fully tried and tested risk management policy in place, all migrations are fully assessed at the time of our services taking over the practice, we also have a full disclosure policy, if we feel there is a risk to you and your business we will inform you immediately.
As part of our managed service, this is the core of what we do, with access to full support and helpdesk, our goal as an industry-leading medical IT specialist is that we set the services up so you never need this level of support.
Every healthcare facility under any of our brands is 24/7 monitored, with our customised monitoring tools; we can quickly react to any changes within your environments.
Of course, our complex and developed backup systems can give us an hour to our reporting of data backup success, we will also provide periodic restorations scenarios to you and your practice, we want to be sure if the worst happens we have you recovered and quickly.
Our expertise in this area is almost a bloodline, we have every aspect and whichever route you decide works best for you and your healthcare business, from onsite to our Queens St data centre, to our cloud-based Datto arrangements.
Our fixed based “Managed services” cover any data, backup, restoration up to 4 hours, after 4 hours this would be considered as a project, and fully disclosed project rates are outlined in our agreements, our 24-hour monitoring is non-chargeable and all part of our managed products.
Full support, we provide multiple levels of support, our requirements as an IT provider are included in your monthly managed fees and however, we offer an independent product to manage the entirety of your accreditation  – Accreditation Assist

One Australia based data backup solution for your entire environment

Wherever your data resides, ensure availability via a single interface with IT Delivery along with Datto data specialists. Say goodbye to costly data loss scenarios, segregated data silos, missing recovery SLAs and inefficient scaling. Empower your team to do more.

  • Built-in, end-to-end encryption, including at rest and in-flight

  • Intuitive, interactive backup solutions
  • Copy data management for cost-effective data repurposing
  • Deduplicated data for more efficient data transmission
  • Auto-discovery for proactive protection of newly added clinical records
  • Policy-driven automation, monitoring and reporting; no cumbersome scripts required, we’re fully automated every day

  • Recovery of the entire system, instance, application, or granular single file, with lighting fast abilities and fibre connection

  • Automated and customized snapshot processes and retention

  • Our huge data centre on Queens St, Melbourne allows for scalability, mobility, availability

  • Data backup coverage for all patient data and corresponding software, with further options to back up entire systems including all emails and software applications

Accelerate returning to normal clinic/practice operations after a data loss event through the proper planning, implementation, and support of your environment.

Free up your team, time and budget

IT4GP – IT4Dental & IT4Specialist bring enterprise data backup that’s automated from end to end. Our proven technology doesn’t just protect – it also helps increase visibility, reduces data sprawl, facilitates business planning and enables your staff to focus on clinical matters and patients.

“Our industry-leading backup solutions, have you covered”

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