Accreditation can be a daunting place to be with any practice. IT4GP uses its years of hands-on experience with accreditations with their managed clinics to simplify stresses and with the assistance of Accreditation Assist. When faced with accreditation for the first time Practice managers, nurses and business owners are exposed to lengthy processes, steep learning curves and the potential to get it wrong. Experienced professionals are aware of the long hours of preparation and sometimes sleepless nights.

IT4GP  Accreditation Assist is designed and implemented to ease the entire process so you can walk into accreditation confident knowing everything is correct and in place. Accreditation Assist is essentially your one-stop shop, we take the hard work out of your hands and lets you focus on what you do best running your practice and enabling focus on patient care.

Achieving accreditation shows patients that General Practice/Allied Health (Physio and Podiatry)/Radiology and Day Hospitals are serious about providing high quality, safe and effective care to standards of excellence determined by the health care professional.

Being fully accredited also opens your health practice up to a world of benefits including better financial arrangements from the Medicare systems meaning you can invest more in the growth of your health care business. If you are not aware of the incentives please call us today to see what you could potentially be missing out on (Call now 1300 366 911 (option 2)).

Throughout the accreditation process, Accreditation Assist ensures that all criteria are met and completed in a smooth, focused and timely manner.

A successful Accreditation will see great results and benefits such as.

  1. Improve practice performance.
  2. Improve efficiency.
  3. Reduce risk.
  4. Enable faster payouts.
  5. Add the WIP facility to enable financial benefits to the clinic directly from services such as Allied health.
  6. EPIP financial support for IT systems and costs.
  7. QIP Incentive enabling payouts for providing data to the PHN and for completing improvements.

Other benefits include:

  • Provide credible assurance about the quality of care/service provided.
  • Reduce business risk, ensure compliance with regulators and assist with governance.
  • Create a competitive advantage over practices that are not accredited which can increase market share.
  • Educate and engage staff in the provision of service and build a culture of quality.
  • Enhance patient focus by ensuring that their expectations are met.
  • Can obtain Practice Incentive Program (PIP) only when accredited or registered for accreditation against the RACGP standards for general practice. Practices must achieve full accreditation within 12 months of joining the program and maintain full accreditation thereafter.

Every clinic is different we understand this, IT4GP Accreditation Assist can be involved in a variety of ways….But not limited to.

  1. Initial 1-2 day organisation review assessment including an accreditation checklist.
  2. Reviewing and writing policies and procedures (e.g. Policy and Procedure Manual for 5th standards including social media policy, email policy, privacy policy, etc.)
  3. Human Resources including employment contracts, job descriptions, orientation programs, performance appraisals and confidentiality policies.
  4. Work Health and Safety including workplace inspection checklist, development of a WH&S Committee, emergency procedures, triage processes, infection control manual, waste management, risk management/assessment and the risk registry.
  5. Writing a Business Plan.
  6. The accreditation process from the initial application through to the final site visit.
  7. Provide a checklist of the new MUST and COULD indicators.
  8. Provide “MOCK” survey visits.

HR including employment contracts, role descriptions, orientation programs, performance and appraisal which includes confidentiality policies, health and safety, workplace inspection checklist, development of a work health and safety committee, emergency procedures, triage procedures, infection control, waste management including how to be more Eco friendly, risk management & assessment including risk registry.

Accreditation Assist will be involved within the accreditation process from start all the way through to the final site visit.

We also have the flexibility and understanding to work alongside all recognised accreditation partners including.