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According to Business Victoria, 43% of cyberattacks target small to medium-sized businesses. The attacks have become so frequent that daily reports of “another data breach” aren’t even news anymore. As the larger Enterprises have locked down or hardened their networks the criminals are switching to the next good opportunity – Your practice, with patient data and financial details becoming a more and more attractive catch.

But what healthcare business owners need to know is that a vast proportion of cybersecurity incidents are the result of internal security issues that no firewall or antivirus could have prevented. The tools and processes to protect from this new heightened danger are now available to small businesses. IT Delivery and our Healthcare IT brands Cybersecurity service strengthen your IT environment’s protection— internally and externally — so you can rest assured that your practice is as safe as possible from malware, hacker attacks and Crypto locking.

of breaches were caused by outsiders.
of breaches were financially motivated.
of breaches were attacks on web applications, more than double the results from last year.
of malware incidents can be attributed to ransomware.

Compliance and Reporting

Let’s see where you are at?

With IT Delivery as your partner, non-compliance is out of the question. We will help you with:

  • Compliance Management Plan – get a roadmap to ensure compliance with state regulations, assess where you are at as a healthcare business.
  • Security Reporting – receive reports on your IT environment and security status, giving you a clear idea of what licencing you have and how effective it is.
  • Cyber Insurance – develop a contingency plan that protects your business for whatever life throws at it, with daily offsite backups, our housed data centre is your insurance, if anything takes you down, we will have you straight back up and seeing patients straight away.

Detection and Defence

Our multi-layered approach to cybersecurity involves the use of various advanced threat detection tools that work in sync. These include:

  • Internal Cybersecurity Platform – continuous verification of IT infrastructure integrity
  • Internal Vulnerability and Risk Detection – educate your staff on the dos and don’ts of online safety practices
  • Next-Gen Vulnerabilities – a state-of-the-art detection system that serves as the last line of defence, including Malwarebytes
  • External Vulnerability Tests and Network Scanning –  launch periodical simulation attacks on your practice to test our infrastructure.
Keep everything automatically updated, removing the risk of forgetting a patch or software update our scheduling team will deploy these out of hours.
Medical device cybersecurity guidance for industry (PDF 2021)
  The average cost of cybercrime to a business in Australia is around $276,000. According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre, Victoria has 25 per cent of the country’s victims of cybercrime.   

Protection and Control

Harness the power of checkpoint firewalls combined with the strong protection of two-factor authentication. IT Delivery deploys the following:

  • Checkpoint traffic defender – filter and block malicious web traffic
  • Two-Factor Authentication for Microsoft 365 – keep your enterprise productivity suite secure from unauthorized logins
  • Two-Factor Authentication Password Vault – store all your passwords in one secure location
  • Malwarebytes – As our preferred software antivirus.
  • 24/7 Remote monitoring, with centralised alerts for site attempted site breach.

What security questions should you be asking your current IT support?

IT Delivery has an arsenal of tools deployed across your healthcare facility, our site management software monitors 24/7 to alert us of any malicious activity, we will only alert you if it’s necessary, if using our preferred software Malwarebytes, this will stand in and make the necessary defence, we won’t alert you of every time an outside attacker tries to enter, this would probably scare you and happen several times a day, luckily our experience and products are in place so they never make it through, 95% of data breaches are internal.

Of course, with such sensitive data, we have a plan in place to make sure any breach is contained firstly, our team of trained hard and software technicians will have customised a “data breach” plan for your site, we will then assess and report on our findings, actions, and preventions for future breaches.

We have several options when it comes to backups, all are available, from Datto cloud-based secure backups to our datacenter along with local NAS, we offer in every case daily backups, incremental backups (Hourly) are also an option, we can assess the speed of your network and offer solid advice following a site inspection, all of our backups are verified by our systems, we also perform test restores, for us it’s about if that day ever comes we know we can quickly get you backup and running.

All data transferred either to the Datto cloud environment or our data centre are 256-bit AES SSL secured, this style of data encryption is used to protect some of the worlds most sensitive data, your data in transit and its landed environment is fully secure.

We are one of  very few companies who forward invest in your healthcare business and its security, with a fully loaded Checkpoint firewall deployed and managed on every new site, gives you confidence you have one of the world’s most respected commercial grade firewalls in place.

A Healthcare IT company that invests in “You”

With our investment into our managed sites, IT4GP can almost guarantee if you ever get a site breach, it won’t be from the outside.
  • Checkpoint Managed Firewall
  • Patching & updates
  • 24/7 Monitoring
Keeping healthcare safe
Makes a big difference.
We believe it too.

Understanding and ensuring all our clinics and dental practices are not only protected from a hardware perspective but also from a software point of view, and working as a partner with Malwarebytes a world leader in software defence, deploying Endpoint protection keeping millions of PCs safe globally.

Protect your business

Our industry-leading protection includes automated machine learning and anti-ransomware technology to keep your clinic or practice computers safe from advanced infections, even ransomware. Point and click threat eradication removes infections from devices, and keeps your business humming.

Manage with ease

When you have more than 9 devices or servers, a cloud management console allows for rapid setup, even with a distributed workforce. Quick, easy visibility and reporting into the status and health of your devices keep you informed and ahead of cybercriminals.

Amplify your security

Infections can spread rapidly; utilizing attack isolation allows for the lockdown of infected devices to stop threats in their tracks. If an advanced threat like ransomware evades and encrypts data, up to 72 hours of ransomware rollback allows you to control time and roll back to a healthy state, with offsite backups held at our data centre should the worst happen.

Cyber-security FAQ

Yes, it is best practice to protect every device including servers, much the same way it is to have locks on all doors to protect from intruders since every device is vulnerable and can be leveraged to compromise your other devices.

Servers are often critical for business operations and are susceptible to attacks. These data-rich targets provide criminals with opportunities for data theft and ransom of sensitive information.

Ransomware is a form of malware that locks the user out of their files or their device, then demands an anonymous online payment to restore access. To learn more about ransoms, ransomware, and response, explore Malwarebytes Labs.

Having endpoint security is crucial to protecting your business and customers. For more ideas, see Lattes.

All Malwarebytes small business solutions have threat protection and if needed, threat eradication. For more advanced threats, Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response’s attack isolation and ransomware rollback increase your capabilities.

Oftentimes, hackers are not targeting your small business, but instead are casting a wide net that small businesses get caught in. The primary driver for attacks on a small business is often money. How hackers extract money can vary widely, from stealing banking information to holding sensitive data ransom.