“95% of healthcare workers have experienced physical attacks or verbal attacks while going about their critical work of caring for the sick and saving lives.”


A staff member is feeling threatened while in consultation with an aggressive client, they hit the Duress Alert button installed on their screen. This then sends out an immediate message alerting all users who have Duress Alert installed on their PCs about who is in Duress and what room they are in. As soon as one responder selects their notification, the initiating staff member icon changes colour identifying to them that help is on the way. The situation is taken then care of quickly, discreetly and safely.

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On-screen panic button software designed to keep staff safe. When staff need to know they are just a click away from safety.

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Duress Alert Solution for Health

Duress Alarm is an innovative Duress / Panic alarm that utilises the computers and networks already in place in your health practice. Duress Alert ticks off your requirements around accreditation, ensures your meeting your legal OH&S requirements and gives your staff the confidence to practice without worrying about what might happen.


  • Duress Alert is low cost
  • The button can be hit easily making it easy to use and manage
  • Compliance requirements for OH&S, accreditation and RACGP safety standards are met
  • Quick and Easy installation on your server by one of our specialised technicians
  • Discreet alarm raised without the aggressor being aware
  • Rapid Response to prevent escalation of an incident
  • Discreet button placed wherever you choose on your screen
  • Can set a keyboard hot key

Duress situation – Raising an alert

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel under threat, require urgent assistance or there is a medical emergency, simply click on the Duress Button icon. Your button will then turn red to confirm the alert status. Once a member of your team has responded, the Duress Button icon will change colour, so you know that help is on the way.

About the Duress Alert Solution

Duress Alert is a PC based panic alarm system.
Installation of Duress Alert uses the local area network (LAN) to communicate with each other. Duress Alert system runs as software, utilising the existing computer network.

We can liaise with your current IT provider to schedule a team view session at a mutually convenient time to remotely install the solution to your server and computers.

Duress Alert Features

  • Inbuilt silent response.
  • Email alert.
  • Instant network notification.
  • Instant staff notification.
  • Configurable user-preferred duress messages.
  • Terminal services are compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • Full duress logging.
  • Service-based server component.
  • Customisable hotkey.
  • Quick and easy instalment.
  • Auto-reconnect for network disruption.
  • Local Australian support.

Scenario 1

A staff member in Centrelink has an aggressive customer who is raising their voice, the staff member asks them to leave and tries to get the attention of security. This isn’t working so they simply click their selected hotkey sending out an immediate notification to all other staff members notifying them that they are in Duress and need help. Immediately, a responder selects their notification which then changes the colour of the sender’s alert and sends a notification informing them help is on the way. The situation is handled quickly, discreetly and safely.

Scenario 2

The receptionist in a large office building has an angry worker at the front desk who keeps raising their voice making the receptionist feel threatened. With one simple click, they click the small green button on the computer screen alerting other staff members and the manager of the team, almost straight after they get another alert assuring help is on the way. The manager then comes to the front desk to calm the situation down quickly, discreetly and safely.

Recently asked questions

A. We have a solution that runs on a thin client, have a chat with an expert to see what solutions we can offer, it’s rare we can’t accommodate an environment.

A. This is also something we are hoping to achieve in the future.

A. One of our Australian based Duress technicians will work directly with you or your IT to deploy the alert which takes roughly 5 minutes per PC, we also have a field based team if required.

A. The Duress system runs as  software and utilises the computer network – it doesn’t run directly with the firewall.

A. Providing you have 1 Mac that has windows installed the solution will work, the server will be installed to this and it will run.

A. The duress subscription ranges from $300 depending on the business requirements, please get in touch for a customised quotation.

A. No, this is a yearly subscription for the licence, you have unlimited access to our support team during the licence period.

A. Yes, you can choose where you want to have the button placed on your screen, you can also have it as a tray icon or a hotkey or all of the above, deployment is designed to make sure you have multiple access points should you need help.