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Some say moving house is the 3rd most stressful thing you will do in life, let’s throw a clinic in the mix!

Let’s Move It Move It.

Let us create an IT relocation or build plan that takes account of your practice needs.

Whether you’re a small dental practice or a multi-national GP chain relocating across Melbourne, IT Delivery has the expertise and resources to plan and execute the most efficient solutions to make sure when your doors open and your patients arrive you are ready “Day 1”

Project Management

Seamless, secure & stress-free relocation, we offer a comprehensive approach to various project management services, encompassing all components of the practice relocation.

Our healthcare project managers are experienced in managing all the elements of the move, from data security, IT inventory management, storage and transport, and relevant insurances.

Dismantling & Reassembling Your IT 

Successful relocation comes down to planning
Our team are equipped with specialist knowledge of how the healthcare sector differs, ensuring a stress-free process with the disassembly and reassembly of all your IT equipment, including all hard and software applications, removal of fixed IT racks, all the way down to making sure reception gets their multi tray printer in the right spot.

Highly detailed IT relocation assessment

We work in all areas of IT asset relocation, supported by highly trained technical specialists and a dedicated project management team.

With an experienced team, specialised equipment and a steadfast understanding of complexities surrounding all health care relocations.

There are many good reasons to build your own office or move your existing one to a new location. However, there are many factors to consider, and failure to plan for IT needs ahead of construction can be a costly surprise or even worse, a lengthy delay to your opening.

We offers complete IT infrastructure design services, as well as a full line of state-of-the-art equipment and technology solutions. Our experienced specialists are your trusted advisors for scaling or relocating your dental practice’s technology.

We will develop a list of all hardware and software needs on a room-by-room basis. This will ensure that you have all the data and video cabling, electrical outlets, backing for mounts, and internet bandwidth that you will need.

If you have any concerns about how your technology will perform in a new facility, during remodelling or relocation, please contact one of our experts. We will work with your contractor and dental equipment supplier to ensure your technology increases your ability to provide excellent dental care.

Your IT relocation checklist starts the minute you sign the lease on your new office space. Here are three critical tasks to complete about two months out from the move:

  • We would contact all carriers and ISPs and let them know your relocation date. That way, you won’t be without any vital services during the move.
  • We would contact any technology vendors and inform them of your relocation date.
  • We would schedule a preliminary site visit with our team of technicians so they can review the cabling and other tech features of the new property. We can alert you of any potential issues or hurdles well in advance.

Moving to a new office is a fantastic opportunity to undergo a little spring cleaning. Evaluate your current equipment. Is your infrastructure outdated? Does it still cater to your business’s needs? Will it support any changes you plan to make in your new office space? We can offer advice and guidance from the start to finish.

We would compile a list of equipment we would consider “end of life”. Remember, old equipment can actually cost you more than you save by not making a new purchase. If you do this well ahead of the move, we will be able to get your network up and running before the big day.

We have already performed a site survey so you know whether or not your new property has the correct cabling and infrastructure installed. We will provide a report when evaluating your current and future communications needs, great examples are…and with us all established well ahead of time.

  • How many phone lines does my business need in the new office? Are these already installed?
  • Does the new office have enough power outlets?
  • Is the cabling in good condition? Does it have enough line capacity? Will it support my communication needs?
  • Should I switch to a new telecommunications system, such as VoIP?
  • Will my business phone number change? Do I need to set up call forwarding?

This item on your relocation checklist is critical. We will have a comprehensive site visit, ideally with your builder or agent and even a cabling company. During the visit, be sure to address the following:

  • Decide on the location of printers, routers, scanners, and other hardware.
  • Create a configuration plan for your office. Get input and feedback from us.
  • If you need a server room, we will check that electrical, cooling, and security meets the requirements.

We would always be prepared for the worst-case scenario – but it’s even more crucial to have several, geographically distinct backups of your business data when relocating. One backup isn’t enough for us. Just imagine what would happen if, say, the moving truck with your backup onboard is in an accident, completely destroying your company’s backup, we would make sure you had 2-3 copies on hardware, cloud and even our data centre.

After we have created multiple backup copies of your clinic’s data systems, we will make sure that you have a recovery plan in place, in the unlikely event something does go horribly wrong.

Moving day is over. We did a great job and all of your IT arrived safe and sound. Now we test everything. In addition, do a thorough walkthrough and confirm that the following items are performing as they should:

  • The office is configured as planned.
  • The Wi-Fi is stable with a strong signal.
  • Call forwarding is working correctly.
  • All servers are operating correctly.
  • All cloud-based apps are operating correctly.
  • Incoming and outgoing emails are functioning properly.
  • Your networks are secure.
  • Is your billing online
  • Can all medical/dental staff access patient records

Once you have confirmed that everything is operating as it should be, we will monitor remotely, making sure if any tweaks need to happen! They happen fast. We can even then cancel down all of your old services from your original location if applicable.

We can even then cancel down all of your old services from your original location if applicable.

Now the move is complete our technicians have fully signed off, providing you with an in-depth report of anything and everything surrounding the move, we are then ready to pick up on anything you need now you are in, get in contact with us in whichever way you prefer.