Fax to email is an alternative to the traditional fax solution, allowing you to receive faxes electronically direct to your email inbox. When a fax is sent to your  IT4GP Fax hosted fax number, faxes will be converted and then sent to your email as either PDF or TIFF attachment. Have peace of mind knowing all faxes will be delivered directly to your email inbox and never miss a fax again.

Turn your fax receiving into a simple, fast & hassle-free operation!

Securing your Fax to Email

IT4GP Fax offers two options to ensure you can maintain the highest level of security when using email as your method for fax communications.

Transport Layer Security
(TLS) Encryption

is active by default for all IT4GP Fax accounts. When activated on your mail server, all faxes you receive via email using IT4GP Fax will be securely emailed to you from IT4GP Fax.

Secure Email Certificate (Secure
Sockets Layer/ SSL) Encryption

can be setup on a computer/ email address basis for fax-to-email receiving, securing faxes attempted to your email from IT4GP Fax.

Email to Fax

IT4GP Fax also supports email to fax. A convenient feature available to send faxes directly to your email inbox to any fax number. An easy-to-use and reliable way to send from anywhere you have access to email.

Frequently asked Questions

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IT4GP Fax offers the ability to transfer/ port your existing fax number to IT4GP Fax under certain IT4GP Fax plans. You will need to check with your existing service provider if your fax number is portable. View more details on fax number porting, including pricing.

By default, IT4GP Fax securely stores the page content of each fax received for the last ninety (90) days. There is an optional feature called “Delete Data”, otherwise known as “Auto Delete”. When activated on each individual fax number plan, IT4GP Fax will delete the page content of all faxes received immediately after they have attempted to be emailed or FTP pushed.

To access this setting:

  1. Log in to your IT4GP Fax secure web portal
  2. Go to the left main menu (Dashboard)
  3. Select  “Receive Fax Service”, then select “Manage Fax Numbers”
  4. Select the number you wish to modify from the “Choose a number” drop-down menu.
  5. Under “Delete Data”, tick the option “I acknowledge that receive fax content will be deleted by enabling this setting”.
  6. Click “Save Changes”.

Please note: If you enable this setting the received faxes will be deleted and are non-recoverable. If for any reason your receive system (email, FTP push, web push, etc) is not available and does not receive the fax we will not be able to recover the fax content.

Contact us for further assistance.

All IT4GP Fax Receive Fax Number services  are configured under various “Receive Plans” or “Bundle Plans”, with included quantities of inbound fax pages per month.

  1. There is no limit to the number of incoming fax pages an active receive service can receive
  2. Any additional fax pages received more than the included monthly quota are charged at a per additional fax page rate, see pricing.
We recommend ongoing monitoring of your fax receive usage per fax number/plan. You can easily monitor usage by either:
  1. Reviewing your invoices or
  2. Reviewing your fax receive reporting.
If you are regularly receiving and/or sending more than your included plan, you may wish to consider switching plans to provide better value and/or flexibility. View Receive Plans, Bundle Plans or Send Pricing for further comparison.  Or contact us for assistance in reviewing.
Please note: We apply a plan change fee per number per change.  View our full terms for all details receive quotas, plan changes and downgrading/upgrading plans.

IT4GP Fax provides a range of solutions to secure online faxes sent and received using IT4GP Fax, with advanced encryption standards, SSL web service, and rigorous security features.

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