And we’re doing pretty well so far…………………

Now managing and working with over 500 healthcare facilities across a multitude of brands, including IT4GP, IT4Dental, IT4Allied, IT4Specialist & Duress Alert, we have pushed national growth in many underdeveloped areas.

In 2009, I became a successful technician and although starting to look to plant the seedlings of my own business, I never really knew what field I wanted to play in? Several years later I found that the Healthcare market had been vastly under-invested and with some inspiration from some core software companies who had seen a vast gap in the market, with few ideas and no plans. I worked in and around struggling healthcare sites that constantly battled generalist IT support. 12 years later we have a set focus and a dream team of committed techs and support staff, our values and vision fall hand in hand.

Jeremy Forrester – CEO IT Delivery