We’re recruiting!

IT Delivery and our flagships brands IT4GP, IT4Dental & IT4Specialists have seen predominant growth across all sectors over the past 2 years.
Working within the healthcare sector we require a diverse set of candidates to service over 100 managed sites, with a growing network along with a long-standing team, IT Delivery can open you to opportunities in one of the world’s most “In demand” IT services.
“No one day is ever the same with IT4GP, with every challenge comes reward, with every day comes a new chance to learn something new, IT4GP have supported my career progression from the get-go”
Andrew Kirpatric – Medical IT Technician

Take the next step

Join one of Australia’s fastest-growing Healthcare IT companies, and become part of something great, with a fast paced environment comes fast-paced progression, with Tier 1, Tier 2 and senior roles required, it might be a good time to consider a solid career in an industry which delivers huge value to the healthcare industry.

Team roles for team superstars.

We are always on the hunt for team superstars; if you feel you have the ability to adapt to an ever-evolving environment, then let’s talk!

Tier 1 Technician

Are you at the start of your journey? Do you want to join an industry that will require support forever?

Tier 2 Technician

Do you have the core skills we need? Let’s adapt that knowledge, let’s progress, we have the support to progress your career.

Senior Technician

You’ve done the hard yards? Let’s take that skill and reward you for all of the things you now know and love (And the few you don’t love so much)