Let us compare your IT “And lunch is on us”

Our main focus as one of the biggest Healthcare IT companies in Australia is always on quality, we know the best way to show you how we differ from our competitors is to show you this by supporting you and your business.
We know any major change is always a tough decision, many factors will always be at play, however we are confident we will not only meet but beat your expectations.
So let’s start with the cost of an industry leader and see where we go, and for just talking to us, lunch is on us with our pre paid $50 visa card just for allowing us to compare your current spend.

Great to see you’ve landed with us, so let’s keep this as short as possible and get you a complimentary $50 Visa gift card as a thanks for letting us give you a competitive quotation on your existing IT.

It is that simple, complete the required details below, one of our team will then get to work to look at how we can both save you money and increase the level of support.

The quotation will be in your inbox within 48 hours, along with our details should you wish to join over 100 Victorian healthcare businesses.

    1. Only 1 comparison per business
    2. Full comparable documentation must be provided to qualify
    3. Comparison available once every twelve months
    4. You must must provide answers to every question, if you have any questions please call 1300 366 911
    5. $50 will be provided in a universal Visa card to the total value of $50.00 and must be used by expiry date.